Saturday, 28 July 2012

How to make 'KUIH CARA MANIS'


This is a traditional Malay kueh, a sort-of pancake-y dessert (the difference is the mould that it uses instead of a pan), and is typically served during tea-time. In the Ramadan month, it is much sought after at the Ramadan Bazaar. The thing is, it is so easy to make...most of the ingredients are the basics that we all have in our kitchen (flour, salt, egg, sugar, oil/ghee) and garden...screwpine leaf (daun pandan), coconut milk (if you have the tree..if not just get a can/carton ones!!) Here's the fuss-free recipe, try it, and you'll see what i mean...hey, presto! Easy-peasy!

1 cup wheat flour
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup coconut milk
5  pandan (screwpine) leaf (5 to blend)
1 egg
oil / ghee  (to grease the baking mould)
granulated sugar

1.) Using a blender, make a pandan juice using 1/2 cup water & pandan leaves. Strain and put the juice aside.
2.) In a bowl, mix the flour with the egg. Add the juice and coconut milk, and finally the salt (to taste).
3.) Heat the baking mould on the stove fire (either the cermai mould or any mould of your liking), brush them lightly with oil or clarified oil (ghee).
4.) Fill the each mould with half of the batter, and fill the centre with 1/4 teaspoon sugar. Pour some more batter until it reach the top of the mould. Cover the mould with a lid, preferrably an glass lid so that you could see what's happening inside. Wait for a a minute and check if the kueh is ready to be pick up.
5) How to know when the kueh is ready? Easy, use your fork and check the bottom of the kuih ~ if its brownish, and the top is already firm, its ready to be picked up. And start step 3-4 all over again.

*Just for your knowledge, the traditional baking mould are usually made with copper, which makes the cooking more faster and are heavier. It is usually passed on from mother to daughter, and I guess in this modern day it is more valuable because they just don't make the copper ones anymore. It is so hard to get and most people just display them as an antique furnishings and deco...hmmmm.
*The tin ones are available at most shops, and they are lighter. The modern girls are being cheated right....and I guess our daughters will only remember the tin ones as part of their childhood memories right...?
So sad....

Modern day tin mould. In the front is 'cermai' pattern mould, and
at the back is the 'belimbing' pattern mould.
A sample of copper 'cermai pattern' mould

Kuih cara in a mould

A 'belimbing' pattern kuih cara
A 'cermai' pattern kuih cara

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